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Contemporary Art Nodules were design by Jeremy Sinkus to be a complete object of interest. After over a decade of exhibiting shows across the country with glass art, I gained knowledge of what people found interesting, alluring, captivating and attractive about objects made from glass. Tens of thousands of comments and conversations about the shiny things on my table commonly included dialog about particular attributes of the glass. People always commented on these same things no matter what the general design.
So, I decided to write a top ten list and design a glass sculpture including all of them.

So Nodule #1 the “Coralite" was born.

I decided to design a sculpture with a list of the top ten common attributes people are fascinated with about a glass object. }

  1. Transparency, clear like a gemstone

  2. Window small enough to make you look closer

  3. Topic of interest inside

  4. Contrasts

  5. Resemble something but not exactly like something

  6. Appearance: as if it came from a different atmosphere that we are. Underwater, subterranean,

    outer space

  7. Touchable

  8. Ship in a bottle phenomenon “How did you do that?”

  9. individually made by the artist, no 2 are exactly the same

  10. A story or bizarre descriptive title

The Nodules are created a couple different ways in my hydroelectric green energy studio Powered by the river just outside the studio. Right now there are 3 different sizes. Jewelry pendant size, paperweight size and 8 lb large table top sculpture size. Right now there are about 120 different nodules. I am planning on making 1000 different Contemporary Art Nodules over the next 10 years. Limited editions, signed, numbered and very collectable. “I like to make things that make people think and wonder. Hope that they feel something different and go somewhere in my pieces.” Art is a mechanism to suppress the mundane.

The Jewelry and hand sized nodules are flame worked borosilicate glass. Using an oxygen, propane torch to sculpt in a 4000 degree flame. Then worked when cold with diamond abrasives and polishing equipment same as faceting a gemstone and other secret tricks!

The large ones are kiln cast soda lime glass. I sculpt them out of wax and clay , pour plaster molds, fill with glass and bake for up to 3 weeks reaching temperature of 1540 f. Before working cold with the same polishing processes and other secret tricks!

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